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How to have more energy and end indigestion? Tips to put out the fire.


One of the biggest complaints I hear people talk about, and it seems daily,  is I wish I could have more energy. The next question I ask them is, do you suffer from indigestion often? More often than not the answers is yes "How Did You Know". Well not only was that me a little over 7 years ago, but those weren't the only conditions I had.

I was out of energy and indigestion was almost a nightly ritual, sometimes it was so bad it felt like my chest was caving in, not to mention I was constantly coming down with colds, my joints, back, neck, hips and every other part of my body seemed to hurt daily, I was a complete mess and way overweight at age 46, I felt extremely old and looked it too. Then one day I got so tired and fed up with the way I felt and looked, I said enough is enough I can't live like this anymore. That started my search for the truth about why and how to fix ?

Most people reach for the quick antacid formula that they bought over the counter, but studies have shown that these can cause even more problems in the digestive track that lead to other health problems. As in this article How your antacid drug is making you sick.

But I found a way to kill 2 birds with one stone and it works like a charm. Not do I only have way more energy but I haven't had indigestion in years, I also want to add my health has went through the roof and I've been able to help other people do the same. What's really cool is it's easy to understand and simple to do. So here's some tips that helped me and the people I've shared it with. I'm not talking about weeks, months or years but in just 1-3 days and in some cases immediately.

So here are the tips and if you use them, you just might see better health benefits besides more energy and your indigestion disappear. The following tips are about using your digestive track the way nature made it to work, and since the digestive system uses up to 60-70% of our bodies energy daily to digest food it best to make digestion simple while conserving that valuable energy for other things more important so it works for us and our health.

Combining our foods so they digest easily made a huge difference. Since different foods need different digestive enzymes and different acid and alkaline digestive mediums when foods are improperly combined can actually slow down digestion or completely neutralize digestion. When that happens it can cause toxins instead of nutrients to feed our cells. That's where the real problem begins.

Here are the least Compatible combinations with the human digestive system. Even though these combinations are commonly eaten, but also quite often followed by indigestion and feelings of lethargy.

Acid-Starch combination:

All acids destroy the starch splitting enzyme salivary amylase. This includes the acids contained in fruits and the acetic acid in vinegar. Due to the different transit times of fruits and starches, the fruits will be detained In the stomach, this will result in fermentation, which is the decomposition of food, where nutrition will be impaired. 

Protein-Starch combination:

As mentioned earlier, salivary amylase is destroyed in the stomach in the presence of a highly acidic medium. Since protein digestion requires such a medium, this combination is unacceptable as it would completely halt the digestion of starch and therefore ferment. 

Protein-Protein combination:

Each type of protein food requires different timing and different modifications of digestive secretions. When one protein is combined with another protein, digestion becomes difficult. 

As it stands protein is the most difficult food nutrient for the body to digest anyway. We would benefit by consuming one type of protein at a meal. The exception would be nuts as their composition are similar and different nuts can be combined.

Acid-protein combination:

The enzyme pepsin is necessary for protein digestion and pepsin will only be active in the presence of one particular acid, hydrochloric acid. Other acids destroy this enzyme, including fruit acids. Also when fruits are eaten with proteins, the fruits again will be detained in the stomach until the completion of protein digestion. And fermentation of fruit sugars will result.

Fat-Protein combination:

Fats inhibit the flow of gastric juices, interfering with protein digestion. The presence of oil in fat in the stomach delays gastric juice secretions on the subsequent meal of otherwise readily digestible food. Since our need for fat is very little, and most protein foods already contain a sufficient quantity of fat, any additional fat intake becomes difficult to digest. Avoid combining butter, oils, avocado, etc with protein foods.

Sugar-Protein combination:

Sugars also inhibit the secretion of gastric juices, interfering with protein digestion, this is true of both fruit sugars and commercial sugars, the sugar will be detained in the stomach, resulting in fermentation.

Sugar-Starch combination:

If starch is combined with sugar, the starch is disguised, preventing the adaption of saliva to starch digestion, this means the saliva will not contain the salivary amylase enzyme necessary for starch digestion. And the sugars will ferment in the stomach. This is seen in the common breakfast practise of pastry eating or the mixing of juice and or fruits with cereals or bread and is  the cause of unpleasant symptoms.

Take milk alone or leave it alone:

Milk is the perfect food for the young of each mammalian species of animal. The nutrient content is specific to provide for the nutritional needs of the particular animal. Cows milk for baby cows and human milk for human babies. However the enzyme rennin diminishes as the baby develops and is completely non existent around the age of 2-3 years old or when the child has a full set of teeth, this signals the weaning and feeding of solid foods. 

By the time we are adults this enzyme doesn't exist and therefore milk digestion is complicated. Because of its protein and fat content, it combines poorly with all foods. Upon entering the stomach it turns into curd and tends to form around the rest of the food in the stomach. The insulating effect prevents digestion of the other food until the curd is digested.

Melons take them alone:

Melons are comprised of an additional class of fruit, as they decompose even faster than other fruits. For this reason it's been advised to eat melons separately from other foods. They actually make for a great breakfast meal by themselves.

So there it is and it has made all the difference in the world in energy throughout the day and complete arrest of indigestion that haunted me for years the people I've shared this with have had great results and we hope the same for you. We hope this helped you. We would love to hear how this helped in the comment box or if you would just like to reach out to us with other questions it would be our pleasure to answer any question you have. Please share this with someone you know that may get value from this information.

To your health and happiness 

Dennis Harlow
CHNP & Holistic Health & Healing Minister 
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Foods that play-The ultimate role in human health

In our last post we talked about how to have more energy and stomp out indigestion. Today we're going to cover food combining and the ultimate role it plays in human health. Today many nutritionist or fitness enthusiasts focus on nutrients as the way to achieve amazing health. Are nutrients and exercise critical for health? Yes, but there is a subtle difference in this meaning where they miss the boat, and here's why.

Food nutrients are not nutrition, in other words you're not the result of foods and nutrients you eat, but you are the result of the foods and nutrients you assimilate. In other words what good is a food or nutrient you eat if you cannot digest it, where it will not supply the body the fuel it needs to build healthy cells on a cellular level? The answer is absolutely worthless. 

This is why high-acid forming foods and foods combined improperly give us the opposite health effect we're trying to achieve. The nutrients cannot be properly digested and assimilated by the body. Americans for far to long have been over indulging in over processed, nutrient depleted pure junk food disguised as low fat, no fat, low carb, high carb and everywhere in between denatured health promoting, weight losing certifiable crap. Pushed through commercials designed by food giant companies and the media to produce more sales, that only has one interest in mind. Your money they, could care less about your health. There is more unhealthy addictions in this world than just drugs with the same results, and junk disguised as food is one of them

And it can be seen in the health of the American people. This is why there's a major rise in diseases like cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity and much more. And it's been predicted to get worse if we don't take personal responsibility and stop buying and consuming their junk. If we stop buying it then they stop making it. It really is that simple, they're in the business to make money, if there not making money then they stop producing it. This is powerful stuff because it puts you in control. 
The thing is you've always been in control but you just haven't exercised your power.

So how do I exercise my power?

1. You have to take personal responsibility of yourself and health, stop making excuses, forgive yourself for being self destructive by letting your old self fade away.

2. Get organized-this means you have to put the time in for the plan to work. It is said that people don't plan to fail they just fail to plan. This statement is the absolute truth bar none. People fail over and over and over time & time again, because they go flying in with great intentions but fall way short because the plan wasn't set and they didn't follow it. 

Or even worse they didn't have a plan so they weren't organized and they expected it to just happen and work. That's insane thinking and definitely not the way to start your health revolution. So those two steps of taking personal responsibility and getting organized are the foundation to build a healthy house on.

Next and this is really important to your health and life. You need to unlearn what you have learned. That's right you heard me, because what you're doing right now hasn't worked, and if it keeps coming back or other issues come up after that's solved then it's not working, it's time to throw the I'll just fix this and if something else comes up then I'll just fix that mentality. 

That is what's called the medical mentality. What do I mean by that? The medical profession treats health issues and diseases like they are a separate entity apart from the body with no reason for it's arrival, like it just miraculously entered your body out of no where. And we don't know what caused it, you'll just have to live with it! 

Isn't it any wonder why their are so many sick and suffering people walking the streets, country and planet. But that's not going to be you anymore EVER!

So what foods will help the most for optimum health?

Fresh, wholesome fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds in their uncooked, whole, natural state, taken in modest amounts and proper combinations in a state of rest and emotional balance!

This is what's known as the ideal diet for maximum health potential. Why you might ask? Because it follows the natural laws of the human body that expedites the assimilation of vital vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are already in our food, without disrupting the digestive systems natural biological function.

Here's some helpful Food Combining Charts to help you with combinations in your food planing for the day.

We understand how some may wish to stick to cooking, and that's okay. You can still get some great benefits from the food combining principals and charts, just remember that when cooking it's best to cook at low heats and for short periods of time, because cooking removes the water, vitamins, minerals and nutrients and fiber from the food, all the good health promoting stuff . It's best to remove food before it gets soft and still has a healthy crunch when eaten.

 If you liked what you learned here please share and comment.

Dennis Harlow
CHNP & Holistic health & healing minister
Jump for joy health & fitness
   just for the health of it! 

Friday, May 20, 2016

10 Tips to stomp out overeating!


Overeating has become an epidemic that we as humans cannot afford to endulge in. Obesity is on the rise and it's more prevalent in adults as well as our children. If the health of our world is going to change we need to get back to reality and even more importantly common sense when it comes to our health and eating habits.

We've listed 10 tips that will help you get back io the right track, But first it's important to understand that scientists have located a hunger center deep inside the brain, at the brain stem called the hypothalamus. They've also identified a condition called hypothalamic confusion which is damage or malfunctioning of the hypothalamus. 

The hypothalamus in the brain is ruffly about the size and shape of a clam shell it has a numerous functions, one of these is to trigger hunger and also satiety. When it works efficiently the person doesn't have a eating disorder, this lets them have a normal weight and a normal relationship with food. Most scientists agree that the most important stimulus for the hypothalamus to trigger hunger is glucose or blood sugar in the body.

This leads to vivid images of food on the part of the person that can be so vivid that the brain believes food is on its way which prompts the digestive system to release digestive juices that may start stomach contraction to begin. These are very normal functions of the body to signal hunger. But with the eating disordered person who associates powerful emotions of comfort, release, love, escape, punishment and so on, with the act of eating. Sets the stage for compulsive overeating moments or binge when glucose levels drop and images of food arise.

This is why it so important not to indulge in food imagery and a complete no-no to connect food with the fulfillment of emotional needs. As a matter of fact it would be better to adopt what exercise scientists have recommended for consideration. 

A good aerobics workout of at least 20 minutes will raise blood glucose levels to the equivalent of just having eaten a meal.

It's a scientific fact that exercise nourishes the body, only the nourishment comes from the blood glucose, liver glycogen and other storage spots instead of another plate of food we really didn't need.

All the studies shows without exception that regular exercise over a period of months causes people to eat less, lose weight and feel better. One more extremely important point about the hypothalamus is that it's on a 20 minute time delay. This means it doesn't kick in and say you've had enough STOP EATING NOW! until about 20 minutes have passed. 

In other words the hypothalamus doesn't call for us to stop eating until insulin reaches a certain level in your spinal fluid. This means for most people it takes about 20 minutes from the onset of eating for feelings of fullness to begin.

How to short circuit? 

Fortunately human beings are intelligent, we can unlearn bad behavior and learn more desirable behavior.

This program, along with the end of a poisonous diet and a switch to the wholesome diet of uncooked natural foods, allows the body to unleash a wonderous internal housecleaning and restoration of normal physiological functioning a on all levels. Including the normalization of appetite and weight.

The antidote to overeating is to practice simple behaviors to slow down his or her meal which increases awareness of his or her eating and also allow the hypothalamus to function normally.
Each of the exercises however simple, powerfully short circuits the uncontrollable urge to never stop eating, that calms both emotional and physiological awareness.

Remember 2 things before using these behaviors, first eat at designated eating areas only i.e. Dining room, this helps limit temptation and second eat as pure activity in other words no TV, driving, phoning, etc, etc, etc. in other words eating is the only pure activity except for pleasant conversation no distractions, bite by bite the focus is on the meal. This heightened awareness breaks the addiction to eat compulsively. 

Here are 10 slow down behaviors that slows down the eating process and increase awareness, thereby eliminating the need to compulsively overeat.
It takes 21 days to break a long term compulsive habit. Take 21 days to try these.

1. Take a moment of silence to relax before the meal. Most overeaters sit down to eat already at a high level of anxiety-the ideal state to eat uncontrollably. Since relaxation is the opposite of anxiety, eyes closed for 10 seconds or 10 deep breaths may be all that is needed to focus get centered and relaxed.

2.  A 10 min nap or walk will slow the adrenaline since it's always unwise to eat when tense or upset.
Take at least 20 minutes to eat. Avoid snacks and plan 3 sizeable, hygienic meals each day. In the old days a plate of spaghetti could be swallowed in 3 minutes. But a generous plate of fruit can't, so time is on your side, pace yourself. It takes about 20 min for your physiology to signal the hypothalamus that enough has been eaten. If you don't budget your food to last 20 min, you're forever doomed to overeat.

3. Put your utensil or food down between bites. This is the best habit to form. If you use no other. Let go of the fork! Put the food down! Take time to chew and swallow to know this and to feel. You'll soon become aware of the horrifying speed that people eat. Relax and take a deep breath. Don't feed the nervousness inside you anymore by eating faster and faster.

4.Take smaller bites. A simple trick, the more pieces cut, the more bites to take. This behavior slows down the eating. Slowing down the process with smaller bites stops the compulsion.

5. Use a napkin between bites. This is another fail safe trick that brings the loaded fork out of your mouth. It takes time to lift a napkin and use it then set it back down. Take this time to focus on your food, feelings and friends. Plus it makes you look well mannered and dignified at the table.

6. Stop for 5 min during a meal. No one will notice, probably. Doing so give you a feeling of control as the attachment, the bondage and the attraction between you and your food is momentarily broken. The harder taking 5 min is for you the higher your state of anxiety and the more you need these 5 min so you can gain control again.

7. Keep second helpings at a distance. You'll be forced to make more conscious decisions to overeat if you have to ask someone to pass the food from a distance, perhaps, coupled with increasing awareness of other exercises, during this process of asking and reaching for more food, you'll realize you've had enough.

8. Leave a little on the plate. This exercise is really difficult for some; other even feel panic. The 20 min are up. You've practiced all the behaviors and are beginning to feel full. Now, another test. Leave a few bites- don't eat it all. Remember, you can have more food at your next meal. Not all the food in the world is going to be gone when you return for your next meal.

9. Leave the table when finished. The table is a designated eating area. When the 20 minutes or more are up and the meal is completed. Don't sit around looking at tempting leftovers. There's no need to break down fragile new found resistance. The meal is over and you are free to get on with your life until the next meal.

10. If possible, rest after each meal. Even sitting down for 5 min help digestion. And doing so continues the composure gained during the meal. Take a few moments, also to congratulate yourself on having eaten yet another meal with controlled awareness.

Compulsiveness and composure are opposite emotional events, with opposite physiological parameters. They cannot be experienced simultaneously. If he or she nurtures composure, he or she need not ever overeat again. 
It may not be easy to change. But if we practice these slow down behaviors for 21 days there is hope even if we've tried everything 

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Know your sugar - what they don't want you to know?

To Sugar or not to Sugar That is the ?

Confusing right? of course it is. And for good reason at least for the big junk food companies who compete for the all familiar all mighty dollar. What they don't want you to know is that there is a difference when it comes to sugars, this is why they do their best to convince you that all sugars are the same. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The Average American today consumes 130 lbs or more of refined sugar a year. That's 50 tsp a day! much of this today is in pure junk food like candy. jams, soda, ice cream, pastries, sugar coated cereals and so much more. It's being hidden away in what we call acceptable foods: Like soups, peanut butter, whole wheat bread and canned corn just to name a few and has replaced natural sugar in the American diet today.

From 1950-1980 fresh fruit consumption dropped an estimated 26% as Americans ate more refined sugar pound per pound in 1980. As time goes on since then we've seen a spike in overall health problems like diabetes, heart disease, hypoglycemia, obesity and much more.

The other problem is unless you know how the human body assimilates sugars and effects health. This can make things even more confusing for people. If you search the web today you can find literally thousands of research articles both fore and against refined sugar use. But today many whistle blowers are coming out of the woodwork about the truths of sugars and your food.

They talk about falsified research in areas like these and more. One of the best documentaries available today but not the only one is Fed Up. You have the right to know the truth about your health and food but not everyone feels this way and that should make you angry when it comes to yourself and your families health.

Simple & Complex Sugars What's the difference?

There is a very big difference when it comes to sugar and how the body reacts to it. These are know as simple and complex carbohydrates, carbohydrates composed of starches and sugars are converted to glucose,a simple sugar which the body then uses for fuel. Our greatest most nutritional need is for fuel. It's estimated that approximately 90% of the body's nutrient needs are for glucose or simple sugar.

Carbohydrates, high in simple sugar are the most readily usable for body fuel. The carbohydrates in whole fruit are easily and efficiently converted to blood glucose as the bodies primary fuel. So lets look at 2 very different sides of sugars Both fruits and vegetables and Refined sugar?

Refined Sugar is Fragmented:
Through heating, mechanical and chemical processing, all vitamins, proteins, fats, enzymes every single nutrient is removed. What's left is nothing but pure white sugar and naked calories. Actually 64 food elements are destroyed in the processing process. This leaves the refined sugar fragmented and sets up nutritional imbalances in the body that causes health problems galore.

Refined Sugar Leaves A Toxic Acid Residue: 
It's acid forming, this mean the body has to take vital alkaline minerals-sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium to metabolize refined sugar because of the high sugar content. So much calcium is used to neutralize massive sugar intake that bones become osteoporotic and teeth decay.

Refined Sugar Contributes to Blood Sugar Disorders:
One pound of apples contains 263 calories and One pound of candy contains 1800 calories. Refined sugar is plain and simple junk food, it's so concentrated far beyond what the body was ever made to metabolize at one sitting and highly addictive. As a matter of fact Diabetes and Hypoglycemia are the 2 primary refined sugar diseases that plague the Sugarholic in America today.

The failure of the pancreas to produce adequate insulin when blood sugar rises. Concentrated amounts of cause rapid rise in blood sugar. Chronic intake eventually exhausts the pancreas when it tries to compensate for frequent doses of concentrated sugar. Insulin production becomes insufficient to support sugar habit and sugar spills over into the urine. Once that happens the person is diagnosed as diabetic and is condemned to taking insulin or face diabetic coma or death. Diabetes is the number 3 killer today and climbing in America.

This is the flip side of diabetes and another culprit of refined sugar. Hypoglycemia occurs when the body still has a fairly strong pancreas, however the body over reacts to concentrated sugar and releases to much insulin from the pancreas and blood sugar levels fall far below normal stable levels.
The Hypoglycemic experiences syndromes of fatigue; headaches, mental depression, disorder, and irritability and then fixed with another fix of refined sugar that puts the sufferer in a endless cycle that ends in Enervation and Toxicosis. Frequently the pancreas wears out from over stimulation and the Hypoglycemic becomes the Diabetic who can't produce enough insulin for normal metabolic activities.

Refined sugar contributes to heart disease:
Fat isn't the only culprit in heart disease. High amounts of refined sugar cause the insulin in the body to convert blood glucose into fatty acids and triglycerides (type of blood fat) People on high sugar diet show a significantly higher level of fats in their blood, high fat content in the blood is directly related in the development of plaque build up in the arteries(hardening of the arteries).

Refined sugar has no fiber:
It's stripped of all fibers from processing which includes cooking at high heat, fragmenting breaking down of food into various parts leaving a unbalanced source of nutrition and preserving by adding chemicals also know as non nutritive substances which are poison to the body.

It is actually because your body can’t digest fiber that it plays such an important part in digestion. Soluble fiber, like that found in cucumbers, blueberries, beans, and nuts, dissolves into a gel-like texture, helping to slow down your digestion. This helps you to feel full longer and is one reason why fiber may help with weight control.
Insoluble fiber, found in foods like dark green leafy vegetables, green beans, celery, and carrots, does not dissolve at all and helps add bulk to your stool. This helps food to move through your digestive tract more quickly for healthy elimination. Many whole foods, especially fruits and vegetables, naturally contain both soluble and insoluble fiber.

Refined Sugar leads to addiction and weight gain:
Sugar is high in calories to begin with about 800 calories to the cup. Then we want to bake or cook it into some high fat, high salt (another protoplasmic poison, that we'll cover for another time) tempting so called treat like fudge, German chocolate cake etc. Then we wash it down with another high sugar drink which works just like a drug. The sugar addict faces withdrawal's and starts their decent back down the road of health problems.

Fruits and Vegetables (simple sugars or simple carbohydrates):
Not only are fruits, vegetables easily eaten uncooked and they are delicious, only fruits and most vegetables a virtually toxic free "Organic of course" or Non GMO crops. The simple sugar in fruits and vegetables are readily absorbed in 1-3 hours which makes them the easily digested food of all.

They are not stripped of vitamins, proteins, fats, enzymes and contain the purest of water which makes up to 78-95% water in its uncooked form. They are alkaline in metabolic reaction with alkaline minerals sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron which is predominate in virtually all fruits and vegetables this helps restores the bodies alkaline reserves not deplete it. High in fiber and also cover our caloric needs. It also brings the body back to alkaline and therefore promotes homeostasis normalizing the bodies healing properties. Since the body is the only thing that can heal itself and it's in a more alkaline than acidic state when this happens? It just makes sense to feed the body  what it needs to be in that realm. That's simplicity at it's best no pun intended.

They supply a natural detoxification process in the body, They don't cause diabetes, hypoglycemia, heart attacks, osteoporosis, kidney failure, etc, etc, etc. As matter of fact Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts and Seeds deliver life giving health qualities to the 75 trillion cells throughout the human body for the development of healthy organs. It's really silly and down right demeaning that they actually go out of their way to make people think that simple and complex sugars have no difference in your overall health. And that the body uses them the same way. Just understand that's it's not about your health when they say things like this, it's about your addiction to their high sugar content drug.

Listen if you don't think so then we challenge you to do this. For the next 90 days instead of grabbing that refined sugar when you have an urge for something sweet pick up some fresh ripe fruit and some vegetables and eat them raw. If you don't like vegetables raw lightly steam them not to much so you don't cook the nutrients out of the food and top with a tasty
dressing like this one.

Pecan Treat Topping
Add the juice of 2 lemons and 4 oranges with 8 ounces of pecan butter and blend. Use as a dip or dressing.

After 90 days let your body and health be the judge and let the truth be known.

you can also make those fruits and veggies count in a delicious alkalizing smoothie to save time with all the health benefits to boot. On our Pinterest page Harlow's Holistic

Accept the challenge and watch how your health, energy and zest for life takes a complete turnaround,

The best investment you can ever make is your health!


Sunday, June 21, 2015

Protein the Facts, Fictions & Myths!

Protein, Protein, Protein?

It's no wonder that so many people today are confused when it comes to protein. With recommendations coming from friends, family, government and everywhere in between all with a different message about what it does, why we need it and how much the body needs? It's enough to drive you completely mad. Without a clear understanding of what proteins are, how they work,what they do and how much is really needed in the human body. It makes perfect sense why so many are confused and misinformed or really even know what protein is or even comes from, like it was some kind of alien food source thats secret is hidden by some being from another planet or something. Nothing could be furthest from the truth and it's about time to lay all the hype to rest.

What are Proteins?

First of all we need to start with finding out what Proteins are? Proteins are polymer chains made of Amino acids that are linked together by Peptide bonds. These Amino acids are divided into 9 Essential Amino Acids (from food) and Non Essential Amino Acids that are made by the body (from other amino acids). Protein is found in all human cells. The 9 essential amino acids that only come from food are: histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan, and valine. And the 12 nonessential amino acids that the body makes are: arginine, alanine, asparagine,, aspartic acid, cysteine, glutamine, glutamic acid, glycine, proline, serine, tyrosine and selenocysteine.

When it comes to nutrition proteins are broken down in the stomach by digestion by enzymes known as proteases into smaller polypeptides to provide the body amino acids. Essential Amino Acids cannot be biosynthesized by the body itself. 

What is Proteins Function?

The nutrient protein is needed by the body for growth & maintenance. Protein is found in all cells and is the main structural component of all cells in the body especially muscle, This includes organs, hair and skin. Protein is also utilized in membranes such as glycoproteins and when broken down into amino acids are used as precursors to nucleic acid and vitamins, hormones and enzymes are also formed from amino acids which help regulate metabolism and support the immune system & other body functions. Protein is needed to form blood cells. Proteins are one of the key nutrients for sports success and play a major role in exercise, amino acids are the building blocks of protein for new tissue, including muscle as well as repairing damaged tissues. 

Protein provides only a small source of fuel in exercising muscles being used as fuel only when carbohydrates and lipid resources are low. There are many types of protein and the type of protein is important to the bodies response to metabolic response, muscle performance and can affect the rate of protein digestion. When this happens the amino acid availability and accumulation of tissue protein is altered because of various protein metabolic responses.  

Is Protein Quality Important?

Yes! Different proteins have different levels of bioavailability to the body and can be lacking in the 9 live essential amino acids that the body cannot produce and must be obtained from food. Protein Such as milk, meat, fish, eggs etc. Can affect the rate of protein digestion, as a result amino acid availability and accumulation of tissue protein is attained due to metabolic responses therefore rendering it incomplete. Also the absorption of amino acid is done by the gastrointestinal tract. Absorption of individual amino acids are highly dependent on the protein source.

Can to much protein be harmful?

You betcha! According to Dr. Campbell and also Dr, Douglas Graham. Dr. Graham who is a life long athlete and coaches elite world athletes and movie stars from around the world and is a seasoned athlete and non-seasoned athlete authority on the requirements of the human body. Dr. Graham states when meeting with new clients their response is that "they need large quantities of protein for energy or to keep us from getting sick". Dr. Graham says nothing could be further from the truth! 

Remember proteins primary function is growth which is negligible in adults, as well as repair from injury and replacement of worn out cells.

Officially 10% protein is recommended and it includes a wide safety margin. However U.S. Government officially says that our protein intake should be somewhere between 10 and 35% total calories and it's very difficult to consume 20% of total calories from protein, unless you're following a strict regimen of refined protein such as protein powder or egg whites. Fewer than 5% of Americans obtain more than 21% of their calories from protein and the average ranging from 10-21%.

In regards to the hype and marketing from the meat and dairy industries, humans require low amounts of protein in their diets. Groups such as the World Health Organization, National Academics Institute of Medicine and The National Research Council suggested a mere 10% of our calories as protein equals sufficient. Lets look at an example: Infants because of the extreme rapid rate growth, require the highest protein per calorie of all humans. Mothers milk provides an average approx 6% of calories from protein for growing infants.

So because protein(amino acids) are building blocks of living cells. It's Major Function is growth, repair from injury and replacement of worn out cells and once we reach adulthood we have very little requirement of raw materials which we are made of. And the fact that infants require 6% of calories from protein is ample proof that you've been lied to for far too long in the name of greed set forth by the meat and dairy industry.

But there's a bigger problem that can come from to much protein in the human diet? To much creates an emergency condition that puts the body in a constant state of toxicity. And in 2003 the U.S. RDA recommended protein intake is 0.36 grams per pound of body weight or 0.8 per kilogram - 91 kilograms 2.2 lbs and these numbers are calculated for a typical sedentary female & Male who's diet consists of 1,600 and 2,200 calories a day. That comes to 44 grams of protein for a female, and 55 grams for a male.

So if infants need only 6% because they need the protein most due to rapid growth then why the 10% for adults? As stated before 10% is a wide safety margin for the fact that most people eat their protein cooked. Cooking significantly deranges protein and other nutrients when heated, so 10% is not only sufficient but reasonable. So the safety factor isn't a problem it's the over consumption of protein that leads to health problems.

Athletes and Bodybuilders!

Have long consumed extra protein with the belief that dietary protein builds muscle. The reality is only weight bearing exercise builds muscle. When not enough carbohydrates are supplied it's true that protein requirements go up as the body transforms protein into carbohydrates and uses it for fuel, however it doesn't bring about the results desired. Bodybuilders should note that extensive viable studies like the one from the institute of medicine/food and nutrition board has determined that no additional protein is required for physical activity.

Lisa Osborn a professional Bodybuilder in Canada for many years says she achieved the best results of her career when she switched to the 80/10/10 diet with muscle growth like none of her trainers have ever seen. The 80/10/10 referes to 80% carbohydrates 10% protein 10% fat diet.

Proteins Everywhere.

We're often asked where can I get my high quality protein from? All plant food contains protein and consuming 5% of calories from protein is difficult to avoid if your eating enough food to meet your daily calorie needs. Americans eat 16% protein. Percentages of calories on the Standard American Diet (SAD) come from mostly meat, dairy and eggs runs in the teen and the bell curve that covers protein consumption for the majority of the population ranges from 11-21% of calories from protein. On the low end of the curve includes a small population who eat low fat vegan who's calories from protein are in the single digits, to the high end of the curve who intentionally eat high protein diets about 30% and then Bodybuilders who range in the 40-59% protein or more.

The dangers of to much protein.

When listening to the meat and dairy industry the message comes across that we're in danger of death and disease if we fail to consume massive quantities of protein at least 3 times a day or more. The truth is it causes the very thing we've been taught to fear!

And the truth is most people suffer from an overdose of protein each day that accounts for ill health. To much protein in our diet is responsible for all manner of health problems including symptoms such as: Constipation and other digestive disorders, that often lead to toxemia (Toxic Blood and Tissue) and eventually cancer, autoimmune dysfunction, arthritis as well as other autoimmune conditions, premature aging, impaired liver function, kidney failure, osteoporosis and countless degenerative and pathogenic conditions.

In general protein-based foods are highly acid forming in the human body even high protein plants, such as legumes. Because their predominate minerals are Chlorine, phosphorus and sulfur. So in order to maintain homeostasis in the body we must counter balance the acidity caused by to much protein, it does this with our precious alkaline mineral calcium from our bloodstream. Calcium in the bloodstream must stay relatively constant by removing it from the teeth and bones making a stage for osteoporosis and tooth decay.

However fruits & vegetables contain the right amount of protein to build and maintain, and contain alkaline minerals such as calcium, sodium, magnesium and potassium.

Calculating Daily Protein Intake

Calculating your daily protein intake doesn't require a degree in math and it doesn't have to take the entire day to get it down. Regardless if you're sedentary or extremely active this will work well because of the difference in individual fuel use.

Example Female: (0.36 grams of protein x 125 lbs = 45 grams of protein.)
45 grams of protein contains approx 180 calories (45 x 4=180.)
Lets say this women eats about 1,800 calories a day the amount of protein would come to 10% of her total calories per day. Lets say she's more active and eats 2,300 calories per day 180 calories of protein would amount to 8%.

If it's a Male calculate the same way. One more lie you've been told is about protein deficiency. Protein deficiency doesn't exist it's simply a shortage of food, a chronic, severe deficiency of calories, which causes people to literally digest their own muscle tissue for fuel. So now that you know more about protein lets get down to the truth and the facts!

Facts Not Hype

If you talk to a scientist who have a PhD in nutrition or biochemistry you will find out it is easy to get enough protein, in fact most people eat to much protein and their health suffers as a result. Many people believe that athletes and weight lifters need more protein. Dozens of studies have proven that heavy work & exercise will not increase the need for protein. When people are extremely active they need more calories. Think of it this way?

Calories to the body is what gasoline is to a car, and protein to the body is what engines are to a car. So if you were to drive a car further at higher speeds you would need more gas not more engines. What is protein used for in the body? To build tissue, make hormones and enzymes, hemoglobin and antibodies.

There's No Doubt that the debate will continue about protein and other areas of health. You will continue to be slammed with millions of marketing ploys by the meat and dairy industry and even our government, etc. But  the simple fact is Americans are the most over fed and under nourished people and our over consumption of protein is just one drop in the bucket when it comes to our health or lack thereof. 

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Is Your Lymph, Limp? Why it's important and what you can do!

The Lymphatic System!

It's important to understand the basics of the "Lymphatic System" and the role it plays in your health...

Most people have heard the word Lymph Nodes and some may even know the locations of the many lymph nodes throughout the body.  But few people truly understand what the Lymphatic System does and the correlation of this amazing system and it's overall role in a healthy body.

From the Picture above you can clearly see that the entire system runs from head to toe almost like a tree. The Lymph Vessels are similar to branches & roots of a tree; the trunk is in the chest, the branches go into the arms and up into the neck & head; and the roots go down into the legs and feet.
This gives a mental image of your Lymphatic System but you're probably asking what does it do and how is it different from the circulatory system?

What The Lymph System Does

In a nut shell the Lymph System picks up the waste the circulatory system wasn't designed to handle! You see the arterial and venous circulatory system is a closed circuit where blood carries all important Nutrients, including oxygen to 75 Trillion cells throughout the human body and waste including carbon dioxide is carried away from the cells to be eliminated by the Lymphatic System.

It's important to remember that unlike the circulatory system which is a closed circuit, the  Lymph System is not! It originates in the countless spaces between the cells known as Interstitial spaces or Intercellular spaces. The branches join to form the tree as in the diagram. The Lymphatic System ends by dumping its contents into 2 major veins: The Thoracic Duct & Subclavian Vein.

So even though the circulatory system and the lymphatic system are continually circulating fluids throughout the body they're independent of each other as far as tubing goes; that being said however, the lymphatic system does end by pouring it's contents into the circulatory system at 2 junctions.

The fluid known as Lymph in the interstitial spaces called the lymphatic terminals. Surrounding the cells is a fluid the picks up blood proteins, large molecules & other waste by products unable to return to the blood. The Lymphatic System then drains the fluid (lymph). The Lymph is pumped into the lymphatic mainstream to the frequently occurring lymph nodes and through the liver where it's strained and detoxified. As you can see where the circulatory system is a delivery system the Lymphatic System is the drainage and filtration system for waste that can't be absorbed by the blood.

Why is this Important?

It's Important because without a strong circulation of the Lymph, waste can build up and when waste builds up in the body then Toxemia is the result. Toxemia is a beginning stage of disease. In fact Dr. Guyton in his well read medical school handbook, The Textbook of Medical Physiology , states the absolute necessity of keeping the lymph moving. 

He said that without the lymphatic system to carry away the blood proteins and large particulate matter-including dead cells and other toxic materials away from tissue spaces, neither which can be removed by absorption directly into the blood capillary... We see that this removal of blood proteins from the interstitial spaces by our lymphatic system is an essential function and without it we would die within about 24 hours. This makes it pretty clear that the Lymphatic System that's not really talked much in the main stream when we talk about health needs attention. Why? Because to apply the knowledge of what is know as Lymphology so that our health improves, you need to understand that activity is of utmost importance.

First of all the force of gravity is working against us, since the Lymph must flow uphill and there is no actual pumping organ to aid the lymph. It moves through the system in the right direction due to the large number of valves that only permit uphill fluid flow. The other problem is we have our own inertia working against us known as lack of exercise. Want a healthy Lymphatic System and better health? Then it's time to get off your duff and implement the following or suffer the consequence's. You can have a healthy Lymphatic System and better health and here's how?

Techniques To Lymphasize and Energize Your Way To Health

The Single Most Effect Exercise to a healthy Lymphatic System is Rebound Exercise also known as Lymphasizing.

 It's gentle bouncing action acts as a pump for the lymph fluid to pump the toxins out in the same manner as if you were running around a track breathing deeply. Okay so here are some other things you can do also.

1. Breathing deeply as in the exerted act of breathing deeply

2. The contraction of skeletal muscles in any movement whatsoever but better if done through exercise like rebounding.

3. Through the contraction of the lymphatic walls themselves where lymph is pumped from one valved segment to the next.

4.The natural, ongoing pulsation of blood that accompanies movement the more the better through exercise.

5. Simple use of skeletal muscles, best done through stretching, aerobics & weight training.

6. Passive compression of body tissue, like rubbing the body gently or a professional massage or lymphatic massage session.

7. The use of a slantboard for at least 10 minutes twice daily.

Scientific studies show that lymph flow increases as much as 10 to 15 times during exercise compared to rest and greater Lymph flow means greater detoxification!!!!

Want to know more about other health issues and what you can do? Please like and share also leave comments and requests for what you want to know about and we'll cover your areas of concern.

Thank You and we look forward to hearing from you here at Holistic Health Corner.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Detoxing for Chronic Diseases Acid-Alkaline Balance Part 2 of 2

What can we do?

The responsibility starts with us. The companies that make these unhealthy chemicals you use, wont stop making them until you stop using them. They're over priced, unhealthy, cause many unnecessary diseases & illnesses while polluting our food, water and air. We're literally destroying ourselves & planet. What we must do is reverse the past mistakes that will heal & rejuvenate both us and our environment.

It's not to late but we have to act now! First step is to remove toxins from your life to get the maximum return. After careful research I've personally discovered the only company that's taken the time to invest $250,000,000.00 in Research & Development making sure that the products we use everyday always safe, always work & always green making them safe and effective for ourselves and the planet. What personally impressed me most as a health professional was the Landmark Study which was a 20 year study in collaboration with UC Berkeley school of public health and published in the Nutritional Journal. This is the only study of its kind showing that Shaklee products have been proven to clearly create better health in people who use no supplements or other supplements.

After using them myself I quickly saw health benefits with myself, family & clients. I also realized we saved money without having to give up overall effectiveness of what we used before and actually worked better than what we used before. Finding safe and effective products that help us fight the ever growing battle against toxins is hard until now. Changing brands can change your life in more ways than one.

1. Safe & Effective Personal Hygiene: Our skin is the biggest living organ of our body. Shaklee's personal hygiene is therapy for the skin, hair & body parts, made from organic's that protect the skin from everyday toxins and free radicals while promoting healthy cell growth.

2. Home Care: Chemical cleaners in the home are the leading cause of indoor air pollution, are poisonous if ingested, and can be harmful if inhaled or touched. In fact, some cleaners are among the most toxic products found in the home. In 2000, cleaning products were responsible for nearly 10% of all toxic exposures reported to U.S. Poison Control Centers, accounting for 206,636 calls. Of these, 120,434 exposures involved children under six, who can swallow or spill cleaners stored or left open inside the home. Switching them out for safe but yet effective alternatives can help remove toxins from your body & save money.

3. Laundry Care: Chemicals in your Laundry detergents also come in contact with your skin. on average it would take 7 rinse cycles in order to remove the harmful toxins that bind to the fibers in your clothes. Not only does it considerably shorten the life of your garments but your garments are in constant contact with your skin both day & night while these chemicals enter your body. Switch them out with safe non toxic alternatives that keeps chemicals off your skin and extend the life of your garments.

4. Nutrition: It's no surprise that our food isn't the same food as 100 years ago. Back then our nutrients from food was higher in key vitamins, minerals and nutrients than today making it more nutrient dense in the past. Today GMO crops are a huge problem causing major health issues for consumers. Finding a viable food source to produce and sustain the bodies natural enzymatic function in order to produce healthy cellular growth is critical to the overall health and wellness of everyone on the planet. Our food needs to be chemical free, contain live enzymes, have proper food combinations (Acid-Alkaline-Balance), have bioavailability and be organic. 

By removing toxins from our lives and at the same time increasing our consumption of fruits & vegetables (Alkalizing Foods) and decreasing our cheese, meat, fish, and grain products (Acid Forming Foods) we can bring our bodies back to a homeostasis medium & promote the bodies natural detoxification process.

Note: A understanding of proper food combinations is essential even when consuming fruits and vegetables because improper food combinations can have a acidic effect in the body and cause acidosis. Have you known someone who is either vegetarian or vegan and still have health issues? 
Yes we've met them also and after talking with them it was apparent they didn't understand this vital concept, but with a little help from us they started feeling & experiencing health and rejuvenation on a cellular level. 

Are you needing help? contact us at Harlow's Holistic Health (562) 375-2557 or email us at